Charge your fleet

Manage a charging network designed to keep your fleet moving – with 99.7% uptime and intelligent usage reporting.

99.7% uptime

We ensure that everything runs smoothly, with constant charger optimization

Low electricity costs

With no extra costs or handling fees, you get the most affordable solution for charging fleets

Free and easy access for your users

Closed user groups ensure that only a specific group can access your chargers

Keeping an entire EV fleet fully charged and on the road is easier than you think. Choose an intelligent charging solution that’s always ready when your drivers are. With our backend services and easy access for your users, you’ll feel secure that your workforce can stay mobile no matter what.

Intelligent solutions and frictionless EV charging

What you get with Spirii

One solution for your needs

A complete charging solution for your EV fleet


We integrate with market-leading charging hardware, and continously add new charging partners to our portfolio. All Spirii-Certified charging hardware are intelligent and future-proof.

Spirii Go

Connect, charge and go! The Spirii Go app removes any uncertainty and puts drivers in charge with simple to use directions, payment, data and roaming solutions. You can also use it for smart charging at home.

Spirii View

Get a crystal clear, real-time overview of your business’ charging data across a range of metrics, including consumption, price, time and geography. Spirii View makes monitoring your chargers and usage simple.

Public charging network

Our partner-driven public charging network is open and hardware agnostic, providing efficient charging for all EV drivers. Our network is also fully integrated on the Hubject roaming platform.

Spirii Connect Services

With state-of-the-art backend and frontend solutions and services you can easily connect and design a tailored, smart commercial charging solution with a continuously-developing feature suite.

Spirii Connect Platform

Connect and scale a truly bespoke, modular and smart commercial charging solution. The Spirii platform is designed to adapt and evolve, ensuring the future’s EV challenges are solved before they even arise.

Fast and smooth onboarding

01. Get in contact

Contact us today and learn what we can do for you. No doubt we have the right solution for you.

02. Design solution

With our platform at core and modular products and services, we will design your charging solution to meet your needs.

03. Onboarding

Easy and fast onboarding and integration of your solution and users ensures a fast execution of your charge solution.

04. Go to market

We will make sure that you're fully prepared and ready with a speedy go to market plan

05. Great experiences

When you're all up and running we'll always make sure high up-time and great charging experiences for your users. with our 24/7 support, we're only a call away.


Hillerød Municipality Fleet

Hillerød Municipality has replaced 18 of their fleet cars with new sustainable electric cars and installed chargers for all with a scalable solution

Why Spirii?

Take a look at our Spirii Go app

Connect, charge and go! The Spirii Go app removes any uncertainty around EV adoption and puts drivers in charge with simple to use directions, data and roaming solutions.

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