Charging of fleet cars in the City of Aarhus

The solution for
the customer

70 x Zaptec Pro 22 kW installed on poles and walls

35 x Standard pole

Spirii Connect Fleet with restricted access

Reimbursement of electricity tax and 24/7

All new fleet cars in the City of Aarhus must run on electricity

During the past year, the City of Aarhus have replaced many of its petrol and diesel cars with new cars that all run on electricity. This is done as part of a major push to make the City of Aarhus carbon neutral by 2030. The city wants to take charge and be one of the leading cities in climate-friendly transition in Europe. Since transportation is one of the major climate culprits, the transition to electric cars is a key step towards achieving the city’s green goals. The new electric cars also benefit the local environment, which is now free of the noise and particulate emissions caused by fossil fuel-powered cars. In this way, the City of Aarhus helps ensure cleaner air, while also keeping the noise level in the city low. This benefits the health of those living in the city.

The many new electric cars can be charged at the 70 Zaptec charging boxes from Spirii which the City of Aarhus has had installed. The charging points are intended for electric cars used by home care services, the Youth Administration and the Technical and Environmental Administration. The new charging solution from Spirii means that the city’s fleet cars are fully charged when they are needed. The City of Aarhus has signed a Spirii Connect Fleet service agreement that ensures 24/7 customer service and restricted access. This means that only the city’s fleet cars can be charged at the new charging points from Spirii. The service agreement also means that the electricity tax paid for the electricity used for charging is reimbursed.

Aarhus wanted a cheap and flexible charging solution for its many new fleet cars. So far, 70 charging boxes have been installed with a Spirii Connect Fleet service agreement, which includes:

  • Annette Mærkedal, Aarhus Municipality

    “Cheapest solution

    When the Health and Care Administration needed charging points in four locations at the beginning of 2020, we obtained quotations from two competing companies, and Spirii proved to be the cheapest..."


Hillerød Municipality

Hillerød Municipality is replacing 18 of their fleet cars with new sustainable electric cars