City & Port

Copenhagen City & Port Development provides easy
access to charging to residents

The solution for
the customer

52 x Saptec Pro 22 kW installed on poles and walls

16 x Standard pole

Spirii Connect Pro service agreement with extended data access

Open platform with easy and equal access for all residents and visitors

Installation partner God Energi

Experienced an increasing demand for charging of electric cars

CPH City & Port Development have prepared and implemented a new charging strategy, in which connection they have chosen to establish more charging points in the parking facilities in collaboration with Spirii. An open charging and payment network has been established that all residents and guests with an electric car can access without subscription. All electric car owners can charge and pay for the charging service with Spirii’s free charging app Spirii Go or a Spirii Key charging tag. Currently, CPH City & Port Development has installed the following number of charging points:

  • 16 in Carpark Lüders
  • 6 on Hannemanns Allé 1, Nordre Fælled Nord
  • 18 in Carpark Hannemanns – Hannemanns Allé 50
  • 4 in Carpark Robert Jacobsens
  • 4 in Carpark Ejler Billes
  • 4 at Nordre Toldbod
  • 4 in Carpark Edvard Thomsen

and more charging points will soon be added to the network.

With the Spirii Connect Pro service agreement, CPH City & Port Development can impact e.g. prices so that all residents with a parking license can charge their car at a special price of DKK 2.5 per kWh, whereas other users charge at DKK 3.5 per kWh.

Spirii offers customers simple and smart charging equipment that performs load and phase balancing. This system allows City & Port Development to optimise its use of electricity by 66%.

 So far, they have installed 52 charging boxes with an accompanying service subscription, providing:

  • Henrik Stenstrup, Director for real estate and urban life

    “It should be easy and accessible

    We see that more and more people are opting for electric cars, so it is paramount that we continually are able to keep up with the demand for charging – while helping to promote and support even more green cars in the city that discharge less CO2 and give people living in Copenhagen cleaner air..."