FDM is ready to offer public charging to all electric car owners on the island Bornholm

The solution for
the customer

20 x Zaptec Pro 22 kW installed on poles and walls

10 x Standard pole

2 x Ecotap Quick Chargers 60 kW

Spirii Connect Pro service agreement with extended data access

Open platform with easy and equal access for all

Joined forces to offer public charging on the island Bornholm

Bornholm has been working to become a green and sustainable island for a number of years. It should therefore also be easier for the many tourists who visit the sunny island every year to charge their cars, but also encourage more of the people living on the island to choose electric car as their future vehicle. In collaboration with the consumer organisation FDM, we have therefore established an open charging network with easy and equal access to all. A total of 20 22-kW charging boxes and two 60 kW quick chargers have been installed. The charging points can be accessed easily via our subscription-free app. The users can start/stop charging, keep track of their consumption and pay with their credit card directly in the app. This ensures an open and transparent charging network that anyone can join. The large number of Danish and international visitors were key factors in the choice of charging solution. Everyone charges at the same price of DKK 3.25 per kW. Moreover, FDM has chosen a Spirii Connect Pro service agreement, which gives them the best data access possible. 

A public-private partnership for the benefit of electric car owners

The project on Bornholm stands out from others since the project is a public-private partnership where the investment in the charging network is covered by both public and private funds. The investment in the expensive subterranean work was publicly funded, where Regional Municipality of Bornholm, supported by EU funds, has been in charge of the grid connection and installing charging points, while FDM and Spirii as operator have been in charge of charging equipment and now the operation of the network. The project has subsequently been termed the Bornholm model.

FDM and the Regional Municipality of Bornholm have joined forces to offer public charging on Bornholm. 24 charging outlets have been established in collaboration with Spirii. As part of the charging solution, FDM has taken out a Spirii Connect service subscription which ensures:

  • Ilyas Dogru, FDM

    “It should be easy and accessible

    We determined that Spirii has a product that meets our high quality standards; good and accessible service, charging points that everyone can easily access and a price structure that’s affordable for everyone.

  • Ilyas Dogru, FDM

    “Political demonstation

    FDM would very much like to see this solution become adopted throughout the country so that all operators can compete against one another for contracts. We see it as a political demonstration project for how the charging infrastructure should be implemented throughout Denmark..."


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