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Public charging facilities in Denmark’s big cities. Easy and equal access for all

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117 x Zaptec Pro 22 kW installed on poles

Spirii Connect Pro service agreement with extended data access and price differentiation

Open platform with easy and equal access for all

Installation partner God Energi

Public charging facilities in Denmark’s big cities

Lack of charging points in the cities is a problem for many users of electric cars. Spirii and Merkur Cooperative Bank will therefore install 177 charging outlets at 20 different locations in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg during the spring of 2021. The plan is to continue in Aarhus and Aalborg later this year. In partnership with Merkur, we make it easy for you to charge your electric car – even if you live in the city.

Public charging for all – at a fixed, low cost

Everyone can get access to the charging points using the Spirii Go app where users pay with their credit cards directly from the app. As a Merkur customer, the price of charging your electric car will be DKK 2.25/kWh, whereas other users of the charging points will charge at DKK 3.00/kWh. The charging equipment from Spirii will be branded with Merkur’s logo and colours – this way, Merkur can clearly show that they support the green transition. The Spirii charging solution has also allowed Merkur to have a say in determining prices, ensuring that their customers will charge at a more favourable price.

When you live in a flat, you cannot have your own charging point at home. That is why stakeholders taking the lead like Merkur are important to accommodate the increasing demand for charging points.

We want to make it as easy and simple as possible to charge your electric car, and therefore no subscription is required to charge your car. Everyone can access and pay with credit cards at the charging points directly in our Spirii Go app

  • Jesper Kroman, Merkur

    "Be able to charge your car at a low cost

    If you need to use a charging point for which you have no subscription, then the price might be as much as DKK 5.50/kWh. That is almost twice as much as the price offered by Merkur

  • Charlotte Skovgaaard, Merkur

    Charging points are too few in the cities

    If we have to meet the government target of 1 million electric and plugin hybrid cars on the roads by 2030, i.e. in just 9 years, it has to be practicable to own an electric car, even if you live in a multi-storey building in the city.


FDM Bornholm

Joined forces to offer public charging on the island Bornholm