Wihlborgs provides easy
access to charging for tenants and guests

The solution for
the customer

8 x Zaptec Pro 22 kW installed on poles and walls

4 x Standard pole

Spirii Connect Business service agreement with price differentiations

Wihlborgs managed the installation themselves

Simple and flexible charging facilities for tenants and guests

Wihlborgs is a property company that operates and rents out commercial properties – and they are now ready to meet the increasing demand for charging facilities for electric cars while people are at work. 

In partnership with Wihlborgs, Spirii has installed the first charging boxes at Mileparken and Borupvang. This kicks off a major rollout of charging points at Wihlborgs’ properties which will take place in the coming years. The new charging boxes are intended for tenants as well as visitors. The establishment of charging points is the result of increasing demand from tenants in the shared office facilities, as it is smart and saves time to charge the electric car when it is parked for several hours anyway. Wihlborgs offers a discount to its tenants if they use a voucher code that ensures a particularly low price for charging, whereas guests pay a higher price. Guests need to use the ’Spirii Go’ app to charge their electric car without subscription. Spirii provides future-proof solutions where the installation can easily be expanded as the infrastructure is already in place for the other parking spaces. This makes Wihlborgs ready to accommodate the growing number of electric cars in the future.

All of Wihlborgs’ electricity consumption is covered by renewable energy. Environmental work is an integral part of Wihlborgs’ business, and for several years, a dedicated effort has been made to establish a sustainable business. 

  • Mikkel Willard, Wihlborgs

    Lead the green developmen

    Spirii has the skills and the technology to supply electric charging solutions that meet the current and future needs, meaning that Wihlborgs’ investment is future-proof. The solution is flexible as, technically, the charging infrastructure can be expanded..."

  • Mikkel Willard, Wihlborgs

    Natural Step

    We see it as a natural step to invest in electric charging points for our tenants as this way, we can contribute to a positive development and at the same time strengthen the infrastructure for electric cars..."

  • Mikkel Willard, Wihlborgs

    Simple for the end user

    It is simple for the end user, who can use the charging infrastructure without a subscription.  The open communication protocol and the highly flexible partnership agreement help ensure a solid and good collaboration..."



Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business now offers charging facilities to employees, students and guests.