Spirii Certified Hardware

Meet the safest, smartest and most sophisticated charging technology on the market.

Benefits with Spirii-certified hardware

Easy to scale

We’ve done the hard work for you, so you can quickly upscale your existing installation without the hassle.

Always online

4G provides excellent uptime and regular OTA updates, meaning you’ll always be online when your drivers need to charge.

Future-proof and intelligent

ISO15118 support means integration with Plug & Charge, State-of-Charge and other standards that enable us to continually improve on user experience.

Safety guaranteed

Our hardware meets every regulatory safety requirement, with the highest standards for safe charging, no matter the vehicle.

Backed by the cloud

Our intelligent platform turns state-of-the-art charge points into more than just the sum of their parts, with a scalable, networked architecture.

Spirii Certified Hardware

Why Spirii?

Charge with Spirii, charge with confidence

All Spirii-Certified hardware represents the very forefront of EV charging technology, with connected features, open standards and market-leading safety.

We integrate with most market-leading charging hardware, and add new charging partners to our portfolio on a continuous basis. What’s more, our connected features – backed by a cloud-based platform architecture and network – mean constant uptime and automatic, over the air updates.

That means that Spirii-Certified charging boxes and points are intelligent, designed to evolve over time, and can fully charge any electric car model on the market.

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Connect Services

See our selection of Connect services – designed and built to make your charging solution smarter and better connected. All our solutions are build upon a wide variety of our services.

Spirii Go

Connect, charge and go! The Spirii Go app removes any uncertainty and puts drivers in charge with simple to use directions, payment, data and roaming solutions. You can also use it for smart charging at home.


We offer tailored and turn-key solutions and services for every EV charging requirement – from private and home installations to city-wide infrastructure. Whatever you need, we got it.

Public charging network

Our partner-driven public charging network is open and hardware agnostic, providing efficient charging for all EV drivers. Our network is also fully integrated on the Hubject roaming platform.

Spirii Connect Platform

With state-of-the-art backend and frontend solutions you can easily connect and scale a truly tailored and smart commercial charging solution with a continuously-developing feature suite..

Become eMobility service provider

Build your charging infrastructure and offerings with Spirii to stay ahead of the pack. Unlock everyday value across the board with our platform at the core