Spirii Go

An intelligent EV charging co-pilot in the palm of your hand

Connect, charge and go! The Spirii Go app removes any uncertainty around EV adoption and puts drivers in charge with simple to use directions, data and roaming solutions.

with Spirii Go

Connect to 200,000+ charging points

Spirii Go is fully integrated with European roaming platform Hubject, allowing access to charging points across Europe without worry.

Always up-to-date

With latest smart charging features and new charging points added continously

Charge more, for less

Get to-the-minute data on charging prices at each station, pay in-app, and track your spending across weeks, months or years.

Drive greener

Get a full overview of your consumption in kWh, and even schedule charging for when network energy usage is lower than average.

User-friendly, driver-first

Spirii Go is designed to empower drivers, taking any uncertainty out of their transition to electric vehicles with a suite of smart, user-centric tools.

Why Spirii?

Putting drivers in charge – in more ways than one

The Spirii Go app removes the uncertainty around EV adoption, putting drivers in charge with directions, data and roaming solutions.

Alongside the ability to find and connect to more than 200,000 charging points across Europe, the app includes powerful, streamlined data tools that let drivers shape their charging schedule around practical factors like price or energy consumption.


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Public charging network

Our partner-driven public charging network is open and hardware agnostic, providing efficient charging for all EV drivers. Our network is also fully integrated on the Hubject roaming platform.


We offer tailored and turn-key solutions and services for every EV charging requirement – from private and home installations to city-wide infrastructure. Whatever you need, we got it.

Spirii Connect Platform

With state-of-the-art backend and frontend solutions you can easily connect and scale a truly tailored and smart commercial charging solution with a continuously-developing feature suite..