Sustainable urban neigbourhood in Copenhagen now offering smart charging solutions

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10 x Zaptec Pro 22 kW installed on poles and walls

Spirii Connect Business service agreement with price differentiation and revenue sharing

Open platform with easy and equal access for all residents and visitors

Accommodate future needs and increasing demand for charging

As the first urban neighbourhood in Denmark, Bellakvarter in Ørestad has received the mid-term certification DGNB Gold. The certification builds on a holistic approach to sustainability that takes environmental, financial, technical, procedural and social factors into account. As part of their green ambitions to make it more attractive to drive an electric car, Bellakvarter has recently installed 10 charging points from Spirii for local residents and guests. Besides access to charging, electric car owners in Bellakvarter also have access to some of the most attractive parking spaces in the multi-storey car parks. The ten chargers are allocated so that four charging points have been established in multi-storey car park 1 at the corner of Ørestads Boulevard and Dea Trier Mørchs Vej. The remaining six charging points have been established in multi-storey car park 2 on Doris Lessing Vej. Bellakvarter is also about to enter into an agreement with AURA Energi on buying renewable energy so the electric car owners will soon be able to charge their cars with renewable energy.

Bellakvarter has signed a Spirii Connect Business service agreement that enables them to differentiate between electricity prices. Charging is easy and quick with the Spirii Go app, in which residents and guests with an electric car can access chargers, start and stop charging, pay directly with a credit card and add a voucher code. 

  • Chris Gerald Ammitzfelt, Project Development

    Simple and transparent solution

    Our charging solution means: No subscription, transparent and attractive kWh prices and an open network for roaming. Having an electric car should be easy and simple when you live in and visit Bellakvarter and Bella Center Copenhagen..."



Simple and flexible charging facilities for tenants and guest