Future-Proofing Real-Estate and Commercial Parking

Future-Proofing Real-Estate and Commercial Parking

As the world is transitioning to electric mobility, offering EV charging to residents and guests becomes both a corporate imperative and a license to operate in the future.

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Forward-thinking businesses in the real-estate and commercial parking sectors, think sustainability as a way of future proofing their operations and investments. And as the entire world is transitioning from fossil fuel to electric mobility, offering EV charging services to residents and guests becomes both a corporate imperative and a license to operate in the future. This means that investing in charging solutions isn’t only putting sustainability and costumer-convenience at the forefront, it is also a new revenue stream with great potential.  

Servicing the need for charging

Ensuring convenience and offering easy charging solutions for the EV-driving customers are inseparable. And as the EV driver population continues to skyrocket, the ability to meet their needs will become increasingly essential. Spirii exists to help your business meet both market and customer demand.  

Both the EV drivers and your business will benefit highly from charging stations being located near their homes and at parking facilities – where they will need to park their cars for several hours in any case.  In order to turn a healthy profit from supporting your costumers’ need for charging, keeping the operational costs low is essential.  

Your business needs rock-solid charging technology and a reliable and smart platform to manage it, with tools that enable you to set prices, monitor usage, and drive a positive return on investment.  

Offer smart and simple charging at any location

Flexibility, simplicity, and reliability – these are the three core tenets of Spirii’s platform solutions. The Spirii platform brings frictionless charging to residents, employees, and guests alike.  

Our solutions give you intelligent, yet easy-to-use tools to operate your charge points and manage your users, including the option to adjust pricing, apply vouchers and discounts for select groups, and monitor live service status on a per-unit basis. And that’s all alongside a streamlined end-user app that allows for easy access and payment.     

Empower your business and EV drivers alike with Spirii

Stay ahead 
Spirii Connect consolidates all your operational processes into one place and presents them in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Here, you’ll effortlessly oversee all your chargers, respond quickly to service issues, analyse usage, and set up pricing to earn the way you want to.       

Enjoy simplicity
With our integrated Spirii Go app, residents and guests will enjoy a seamless charging experience that works the world over – giving them full access and insight into charging prices, CO2-savings , payment, and receipts.           

Reliable revenue streams  
Set and adjust the cost of charging at any time, offer special pricing and vouchers for specific user groups, and – with Dynamic Pricing – optionally sync your pricing to stay one step ahead of the market rate to ensure you’re never running at a loss.