What you need to know about EV-charging

Spirii is a brand new company, but the people behind have many years of experience from the electric car industry. We have worked extensively with electric cars, charging and on developing the transport and energy systems of the future.

Future-proofed charging

It is always a good idea to ensure that the chosen charging equipment and solution, not only meets your needs today, but also in the future. In Spirii, we are very committed to delivering future-proof solutions to our customers so that your investment is long-term from start.

Intelligent charging

The concept ‘intelligent charging’ is often used indiscriminately by the media. Spirii combines automated solutions, smart connections and optimised electricity grid interaction as well as a practical and simple user interface that supports various specific customer requirements for configuration during installation.

Load Management

Housing associations and multi-storey car parks often need advanced load distribution that takes into account the different charging speed of electric cars in the same charging system – and which optimises charging speeds between electric cars based on the relationship between the charging point protection and cable size. Moreover, dynamic upward and downward adjustment of charging speed may be required based on external requirements from the local electricity grid.


Spirii prioritises simplicity from start to end, and the installation of our charging points is no exception. We collaborate with electricians who have many years of experience in installing charging solutions for private individuals, companies and municipalities. They only deliver installations that comply with current legislation, including the Danish Heavy Current Regulation.

We know what it takes
to drive electric

We have designed and provided market leading charging solutions for cities, industries and EV drivers for more than a decade. Rely on us to ensure you or your customers the best and most seamless charging experience.